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Vellum Hinges — Renewing the vellum damper body hinges on the Blüthner grand.
Upright Dampers — Steps in the recovering of a set of Schiedmayer & Soehne upright dampers.
Damper Felt — (Pictures only) Recovering the dampers from a Kirkman grand of about 1865
Rail Reboring —Plugging and reboring the wrongly bored action rail on a Spaethe (Gera) upright piano.
French Polishing — An article on French Polishing by the English method reproduced from an Edwardian ICS volume
Guillotine — The guillotine used for cutting felt and cloth.
Floating Soundboards — A few examples of floating soundboards, ie. soundboards that are partially unattached rigidly to the rim.
Double Eye — Making a “non-slip” double German eye.
Boring Machine — The machine used for boring hammers, butts etc.
Removing Strings — The steps in removing a string.
String Formulæ — Practical formulæ derived from the Mersenne-Taylor formula relating frequency, tension and mass in the vibrating string.
Filling, Oiling In and Fadding — Early stages in the process of French Polishing.
Rebushing Grand Hammers.